The industry predicts sweeping change across the luxury travel industry, but ultimately the rich just want to have fun.

With longer queues at airports, short-haul travel by private jet will be more in demand as guaranteeing one’s own safety bubble will be the ultimate luxury. Wealthy jet setters will demand more bespoke services at airports.

Within the premium lounges buffets will be removed, making space for private butlers, while kerb-to-plane VIP services such as PS at Los Angeles International will be fought over.

It is anticipated travellers will prefer rural and coastal properties with fresh air as opposed to the cities. In addition rather than hotel stays it is likely villas and cottages will also benefit, although owners will need to invest in super-cleaning regimes, even ensuring 72 hours between rentals to ensure any bacteria has died out.

Yachts, of course, tick all the boxes, with clean air at sea and crew who have had to quarantine for seven days before guests come aboard. However, operators will need to plan to have more advanced medical equipment onboard – oxygen canisters and ventilators will be at a premium. We have a vast number of yacht charter options available, of course with private jet travel to and from.

All this said, the one thing that won’t change is the need for trusted advice. We understand our clients want to rely on people with heaps of experience, who will easily be able to recommend the safest places to travel to and the best ways of getting there, so they can get on with enjoying themselves.

For private jet enquiries and advice, contact us, we are here to help.