We wanted to reach out to share some updates with you, to highlight the ways in which we have successfully navigated the recent global pandemic and emerged into a strong position to support your needs in the future.

We have all experienced unprecedented challenges over the last few months, particularly here in the aviation industry. I wanted to you to know that we are here for you now and always.

During the most challenging times, a company’s values are tested, and I am tremendously proud of the ways in which Flightserve  have stayed focused and true to our core principles. We understand that our community cares about the conduct of the businesses that they support, and we are pleased to share some updates regarding our business.

While aircraft and operators are fundamental to our success and delivering a first class service our team remain our most important asset. Through their efforts, we have further proven our resilient position to support future growth. During this time, we have implemented additional health and safety protocols to ensure peace of mind among all team members and clients. For those working remotely, we have provided ongoing support ‒ There was no playbook for the pandemic, and our people demonstrated the creativity and resourcefulness that underline the culture and mindset we have built globally. Their efforts were all put to the test in order to keep our clients safe, happy and comfortable. We are very proud of our fantastic team.

We continue to remain optimistic about the future, we strongly believe that business aviation is arguably more vital now than ever, now restrictions are starting to be lifted our network is even more vital to support individuals, businesses, and the global economy.

Everyone at Fliightserve is deeply appreciative of your ongoing support and trust. Your continued loyalty to our business allows us to continue playing a key role in the world’s re-opening. We are grateful to be here for you today and going forward.