Safety And Security

Aircraft Management

Flightserve Aviation is an EASA approved Part-NCC operator with and team of qualified aviation experts ready to assist with every element of your private jet operation. We take the headache out of aircraft management and strongly believe that owning a private jet should be more about freedom and privacy and less about complications and administration. With Flightserve you can rest assured that we will provide the individual care and attention to detail that you would expect from a smaller operator. 

Flight Planning, Whether you require assistance planning a trip, document management services, or a complete operations management system. We provide the tools, expertise and support required to achieve maximum safety and operational efficiency. Our 24 hour team coordinates your trip planning tasks and brings our aviation expertise into your flight department. Our operation is tailored to each flight department’s policies and government regulations. 

Our flight planning services include, Ground Handling, Fuel, Security, Itinerary and Route Planning, Overflight and Landing Permits, Airfield Slots, Customs notifications, eAPIS, Flight Plans, Filing, Charting, Weather and NOTAMs, 




Changing from an existing business jet aircraft management company, flight department or setting up from scratch can be a daunting prospect. Continuity of service is paramount and our team has significant experience in this area, ready to ensure a seamless transition period.

“We have the experience, knowledge and professionalism required to provide a consistently reliable service”

Safety and Security

Our Priority

When planning your flight, Flightserve Aviation operations staff take many things into consideration, but the safety and security of passengers and crew is our first priority. Prior to each trip an airport and airspace assessment would be made including an overview of the flight routing, the arrival airport’s security posture, transportation considerations, and a summary of travel safety considerations like crime, social unrest, and availability of international-standard medical facilities in the vicinity.

Best in Class

Our leading travel risk safety solution provider would also assist us and tightly integrate with best-in-class assistance, training for crew, medical kits and equipment all of which ensure the health and safety of those on board and enable us to exercise duty-of-care as the aircraft operator.

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