With the COVID-19 causing havoc to airline schedules, private jet charter in some cases is the best option, and certainly the best choice for clients we urgently need to travel.

What do you need to know, to get an accurate quote?

In addition to the from and to, you will need to know how many passengers will be traveling as well as how much luggage. While an aircraft may have enough seats, it may not have enough luggage space for your client’s needs, particularly for oversize bags.

Total weight may also dictate the need for a different type of aircraft that can fly nonstop. You also need to know if there will be any pets -please note not all private jet owners are happy for pets to travel onboard. If you know the address you will be leaving from we maybe able to find you a private airport you are otherwise unaware of. We do not have to use the international airports for all flights, ask us – we are always happy to help.

Are there extra charges?
Catering and deicing (during the winter months), as well as various airport and terminal fees, are extra, however all our quotes are priced to incorporate everything needed to fly.

Catering beyond packaged snacks and drinks is ordered a la carte. We can help guide you in this, no problem at all. We will be sure to advise you of any additional costs that might be billed either after the quote or post-flight, including WiFi charges or cleaning charges for pets.

We are here to help guide you, to find the very best jet and price to fit your requirements.