Chartering a jet may seem easy with brokers advising it is as easy the click of a button.

Here are a few things to look for and ask when choosing the best broker and operator:

  • Is the broker a FAA-certificated charter operator?
  • What experience does the operator have?
  • How long has the operator been operating private flights?
  • What type of aircraft is on the charter certificate?
  • What experience does the crew have?
  • How many flight hours total time? How many hours in make/model of each aircraft?
  • If special operations (for example, mountain airports, extended over water) will be conducted, what experience (initial and recurrent) does the crew have with these operations?

Flightserve holds the following accreditations: MEBA, NBAA, EBAA, BHA, BACA and British Ambulance Association and since 2010 has operated from registered offices in Mayfair, London.

A well-established boutique private air charter brokerage specializing in luxury on-demand charter services. Based in Mayfair in London, Flightserve operates globally and offers personalized, around-the-clock service built on trust, discretion, reliability and value.

Flightserve was founded in 2006 as a medical air charter and air ambulance company focused on transporting time-critical donor organs throughout Europe, as well as patients in need of treatment worldwide, medical teams and pan-European medical evacuations for the National Health Service.

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