Bitcoin can now buy you a private jet

It appears cash is no longer king for some aircraft buyers who are looking to make use of cryptocurrency. When considering a multimillion-dollar purchase, an aircraft sales firm is now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, pretty cool right? Aviatrade, a private airplane sales agency, has launched a new payment platform enabling Bitcoin and […]

Why you should travel via private jet

Travelling private can create time and cut costs. Imagine you’re close to pulling off the perfect business deal when the clock reminds you that it’s nearly time to catch your flight home! This means you rush your decisions, and you’re less likely to get the deal you want! This just wouldn’t happen to you if […]

The most popular private jet destinations for the ultra-wealthy

As airports become more crowded and flight delays more frequent, the world’s wealthiest are increasingly turning to private jets as their travel method of choice. Private jets can depart and arrive from ten times as many airports in Europe than scheduled airlines. A significant benefit of using private aviation is being able to use smaller, […]

More than 50 private jets landed in Montenegro last week

More than 50 private jets landed in Montenegro last week mainly from Serbia, Russia and Belarus, exploiting an exemption to a ban on citizens from these countries from entering the Adriatic country due to fears of the spread of COVID-19, according to BIRN findings. Citizens of Serbia, Russia and a number of other countries are […]

Convenience of Private Jet Travel

Convenience is the main reason people, who can afford to charter, fly private. Flying between two, or multiple destinations on their own timetable. No “Getting to the Airport Two Hours Early” No “Boarding Groups” No “Connections” When flying private the plane will have a “wheels up” time. If you are chartering the plane, the crew […]

Where are the jet set holidaying now?

Greece is currently a hot spot for the super wealthy. We have been extremely busy rearranging holidays to Greece from other destinations on the quarantine list,  U.K. outbound flights to Greece are up by 80% so far this month. Alongside the arrival of private jets super yachts are coming in their hoards. The number of […]

Private Jet Charter is not just for the rich and famous

Earlier this month, Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip boarded a private aircraft at RAF Northolt to travel to Aberdeen, onwards to Balmoral, for an annual vacation. It is not just the queen and celebrities that are now travelling by private jet, we have experienced a surge in requests for those that are looking […]

Extravagant private jet travel inspiration…

Whether you fancy hopping around the world in 22 days or a closer-to-home foodie voyage of Spain… we have done it all. Imagine hopping around the best culinary spots in Spain by private jet with a group of your favourite pals? We can arrange just that, with a trip that includes stopping off for tapas […]

Post Pandemic holiday destinations by Private Jet

Post pandemic it is very difficult to understand exactly where and when you can fly to different destination. When different travel restrictions are in place in different countries. Some of the destinations you hoped to visit were open but then had to shut down again. Here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration of […]

The Perfect Private Jet Getaway in the Caribbean

As time goes by we are starting to see lifts in travel restrictions to many paradise islands, especially for those South Florida-based travellers, strategically placed just an hour away from the Caribbean. Comprised of 28 nations, the region’s destination with the highest private aviation demand from South Florida is The Bahamas. The country accounts for […]

Consider Private Jet Charters To Control Your Travel Environment

The pandemic has obviously shaken the travel market, when it comes to travel the concept of cleanliness alone is one that the industry is making front and centre. Choose to save on the hassle and fly private jet with Flightserve. Right now health and hygiene are the factors that are driving people to take their […]

Turn to Private Jets for Safe Travel

We have experienced a peak in demand for private jet requests from those wanting to avoid a crowded airport terminal and a cramped airline cabin with hundreds of other potentially COVID positive travellers. Post lockdown, many people are extremely worried about being in close proximity of strangers, private jet charter totally minimises this risk. Travelling […]