Flying farm workers to the UK

As the COVID 19 crisis continues, the implications across the globe are extraordinary. Farmers in Britain have lost crops due to lockdown, Romania has now lifted restrictions to enable workers to be flown in to help keep the British supply of produce alive. Farmers are in need of between 70,000 to 90,000 workers to help […]

Everything You Need to Know about Travelling post Covid 19

Are you eager to learn when you can travel again? Read our corona virus travel updates guide for the latest news and advice on when you’ll will be allowed to fly and to where. When will Coronavirus Travel Restrictions be Lifted? Each country’s approach to travel is on a case by case basis. Generally, domestic […]

Which Countries are Open for Travel

With disruption and changes to travel happening constantly, it is hard to keep up with where you can and can’t go. We will update this article to keep you up to date with the latest corona virus travel news. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines never officially shut its borders to tourists, but all new arrivals are […]

Where can we travel?

Latest travel restriction news relating to covid-19 Welcome to our latest guide to the global travel restrictions relating to covid-19. International & domestic travel is still possible, even during lock down. Please see below for an updated (last 7 days changes).

The best destinations to reach via private jet.

Besides the free-flowing bottles of champagne and the luxurious interiors, travelling by private jet can take you to places that would have been otherwise impossible. Not only that, but private aviation gives passengers the chance to travel fuss-free to exclusive resorts, remote islands and obscure destinations. All in a fraction of the time of commercial […]

How To Fly By Private Jet In A World With COVID-19

All areas of the globe are reopening or planning to reopen in the coming weeks and months. As stay-at-home orders recede, getting where you need or want to be is set to change dramatically. Airlines are cancelling, rescheduling and rerouting flights as much as 90% for the foreseeable future. It’s unsure how soon networks and […]

Repatriation by private jet for people who are not sick

The coronavirus pandemic is obviously causing huge disruption to International travel, suddenly it is not only travellers who are sick or had an accident who want to be brought home as quickly as possible. Healthy tourists and those travelling for business are also reacting to the unprecedented global situation and want to get home quickly. […]

Alternative honeymoons: 10 destinations that aren’t the Maldives

Stay home and start planning your dream honeymoon, use this time to plan the perfect escape. What better way to spend lock down than plotting your dream honeymoon. From the romance of an 18th-century, antique-filled chateau in a sleepy French village to the sunrise spectacle of galloping wild horses at the surf’s edge on a […]

Private Jet Charter throughout the virus outbreak

Flightserve International are still available for short notice on-demand jet charter under the current restrictions relating to COVID-19. We are still available for repatriation flights for citizens, but also some other types of flight requests. Where border restrictions allow, we are able to fly. We are doing everything we can to keep you moving, back […]

The word’s most exclusive private jet is flying medical supplies for COVID-19

The most expensive private jet in the world has found a new part to play during the coronavirus pandemic, the Boeing 777 owned by Crystal Crises, usually charters for $40,150 an hour. It’s currently being used to transport medical equipment, instead of wealthy passengers. It just flew a load of personal protective equipment from China […]

Planning post pandemic holidays

Despite the current pandemic, individuals with budgets are planning adventures and holidays before the year ends. Travel currently feels like a distant dream, holiday plans have been cancelled and financial insecurity looms, for some booking a holiday right now feels like too much risk. Travel companies are trying to persuade customers to postpone and rebook […]

COVID 19 UK Airport Information

Updated COVID 19 closure list for UK Airports: Carlisle (AGNC) London City (AGLC) Newcastle (EGSH) Southend (AGMC) Airports open 24hrs: Belfast INT (AGAA) East Midlands (EGNX) Glasgow (EGPF) Heathrow (EGLL) Luton (EGGW) Manchester (EGCC) Stansted (EGSS) Airports Operating on Limited Opening Hours: Southampton (EGHI) Oxford (EGTK) Norwich (EGSH) Durham Tees Valley (EGNV) Liverpool (EGGP) Londonderry […]