The Wealthy Take To The Skies As Private Jets Rebound

We are experiencing a huge surge in enquiries due to the pandemic, as the wealthy become desperate to escape lockdown restrictions, and in some cases, reunite with their pets. Travel restrictions remain in place for certain destinations, yet many destinations are now open and especially for private jet travel. We are seeing a surge in […]

Post Covid Luxury Travel

The industry predicts sweeping change across the luxury travel industry, but ultimately the rich just want to have fun. With longer queues at airports, short-haul travel by private jet will be more in demand as guaranteeing one’s own safety bubble will be the ultimate luxury. Wealthy jet setters will demand more bespoke services at airports. […]

Private jet trends post COVID-19 pandemic

Before the pandemic, private jets were often shunned due to their carbon footprint but a new focus on personal health means usage has rocketed. We have seen more private jet requests than ever before, June was a record month for Flightserve in terms of private jet charter. Pre-pandemic private jets were heavily shunned for their […]

Flightserve partner with Absolute Lifestyle Travel to offer luxury vacation rental exception villas, enabling clients to streamline their vacation planning and facilitate safe travel arrangements. Absolute lifestyle offer opulent properties around the globe, with every bespoke experience tailored to the clients needs. Flightserve compliment these experience options by making private jet travel possible, to and […]

Why flying private is safer than commercial

Here are just some of the reasons why flying on a private jet is safer than on a commercial flight. The luxury of private jet flying is typically associated with the rich and famous, but its benefits now include health and safety. We are seeing a increase in the number of users turning to private jet […]

Private jet flights surge on health fears

We are noticing an increase in private jet charter demand from the coronavirus crisis, as new customers who had not previously flown private are now looking to use private jet charter to avoid the crowds involved in commercial flights. While commercial traffic is running about 15% to 17% of last year’s totals, private flights are […]

Borders open between UK and France

Much like the rest of the world, France shuttered its borders in the face of the pandemic, when widespread international travel was stopped. However, with the virus now tentatively receding, the country has reopened some of its shops and eateries to the public. Travel rules have now also followed, with much of the EU reopening […]

Germany and France open borders

France and Germany are now open, they both became the latest European countries to reopen their borders as we emerge from the pandemic lock-down. France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, announced on Sunday that the country’s Schengen borders would be open from Monday and its non-EU borders from 1 July. Germany also opened its borders to fellow […]

Which European countries have opened their borders ahead of the summer holiday season?

Governments across Europe are starting to open their borders following the pandemic. While the summer season is fast approaching, people across Europe have started to consider their summer travel plans. The border situation remains a mixed picture across Europe, with each country imposing its own rules and its own timetable for re-opening. Here is an […]

Over favourite summer holiday destinations in the world by private jet

Europe is quickly returning to normality after lock down, and travelling for pleasure is once again becoming an option. However no matter how much we hope and pray the situation was different UK holiday makers may have a very different summer. It is important to consider your options in a new light, here are a […]

A Heartfelt Message from Flightserve

We wanted to reach out to share some updates with you, to highlight the ways in which we have successfully navigated the recent global pandemic and emerged into a strong position to support your needs in the future. We have all experienced unprecedented challenges over the last few months, particularly here in the aviation industry. […]

Less about the cost of flying privately then about the safety of flying commercially

As company executives and business travellers curtail their travel, we are seeing a huge increase in traffic. We have seen a rise in people no longer wishing to travel on a commercial flight. Commercial air travel has obviously plummeted throughout the pandemic, and the interest in private jet services is surging, particularly with those individuals […]