Much like the rest of the world, France shuttered its borders in the face of the pandemic, when widespread international travel was stopped.

However, with the virus now tentatively receding, the country has reopened some of its shops and eateries to the public. Travel rules have now also followed, with much of the EU reopening some borders, France is no exception.

EU member states have relaxed some of their travel restrictions, which includes France, Belgium, and Greece. The UK is amongst them, and from now on, people will be able to enter the country without needing to demonstrate their travel is essential.

However, rules the Government put into place on June 8 require anyone landing in the UK to place themselves in self-isolation for two weeks. Meaning they will have to confine themselves to their hotel room or home while supplying contacts to British authorities.

Speaking on the BBC this weekend, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the Government was “looking at” ways to open up travel to and from the UK.

The government are looking at all options to ensure that that is possible and people have got suggestions about how we might be able to open up some travel corridors over time and so the transport secretary is actively looking at all of those options.

Air corridors are a policy championed by several officials which would see quarantine-less travel open up between select countries to facilitate tourism without spiking the coronavirus infection rate.

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