The pandemic has obviously shaken the travel market, when it comes to travel the concept of cleanliness alone is one that the industry is making front and centre. Choose to save on the hassle and fly private jet with Flightserve.

Right now health and hygiene are the factors that are driving people to take their own aircraft.  This is unprecedented – as people are trying to reduce contact with other people. With commercial flights, from when you leave your car to get into the terminal, to the other end – you will come into contact a maximum with about 20 different people on one trip. If you choose to fly privately, the aircraft is waiting for you the moment you want to leave – to take you where you want to go, not through an airport.

We are experiencing an increase in demand from new private jet users, those who may not have considered it in the past are now embracing the opportunity to fly privately. A lot of our charters are travelling to Europe, Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii. One of the drivers – the airlines have stopped flying to so many locations now that having a direct link to these places is no longer a commercial possibility.

If you can afford it and it’s demonstrably safer, then why wouldn’t you fly private? Contact us to find out more, and receive a no obligation quote.