Convenience is the main reason people, who can afford to charter, fly private. Flying between two, or multiple destinations on their own timetable.

  • No “Getting to the Airport Two Hours Early”
  • No “Boarding Groups”
  • No “Connections”

When flying private the plane will have a “wheels up” time. If you are chartering the plane, the crew will, within reason, wait for you.

When private jet chartering you can be out the car and in the air within a matter of minutes. If you are booking a seat or an empty leg on a private aircraft, generally you’ll want to arrive at the private terminal a whopping 15 minutes before departure.

Upon arrival at your destination, many rental car companies will work with the terminal to deliver your car straight to the aircraft.

However, don’t expect wonderful amenities at Private FBOs (Fixed Based Operator). These private terminals are generally designed to fulfil the needs of pilots and crews. Most private passengers don’t arrive ahead of departure and will normally only use the FBO if there is a delay or issue.

For further information on private jet chartering, please reach out and contact us.