The world manufacturers of private jets delivered more planes last year than in any year since 2009, the past 12 months saw growth of over 15% on 2018 sales.

Growing concerns around the world on the spread of the coronavirus and the resulting reduction of international airline service in some big markets like China are combining to drive up demand to charter corporate jets.

Indeed, demand currently is especially strong for mid-size, large, very large and ridiculously large corporate jets with really long legs, i.e. those capable of flying at least 7,000 miles unrefueled.

The International Air Transport Association explained it expects the coronavirus outbreak will cost airlines around the world a combined $30 billion this year as they cut huge capacity from their international schedules.

Asia-Pacific region, is expected to receive a projected13% percent drop in demand for all of 2020. That would be the first drop in commercial air travel demand in that region since 2008, when the global economic decline had its biggest impact.

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