Explore the most popular Private Jet Destinations…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, actually owning a private jet costs a lot of money. It is only an option for the top percent of ultra high net worth individuals around the World.

More than one in three of private jet owners are worth more than a jaw-dropping $500 million. The majority are over 60 and 91% of the group made some or all of their wealth themselves.

The top industries for Private Jet ownership, Finance, banking and investment. Over 19% of private jet owners are associated with the economic sector.

According to recent studies, London tops the rankings for most popular global destination among customers. The London to Paris private jet route is a particularly sought-after ticket.

The Italian domestic route between the fashion capital of Milan and the official capital of Rome is the most popular routing for business aviation in Europe.

Private jet flights from Nice in the Cote D’Azur to Geneva are also very popular, peaking especially during Europe’s summer season.  Even in the winter, we see regular private flight movements between Nice and Geneva for business travel and second home-owners.

The internal French route between the wealth hotspots of the French capital and The Cote D’Azur is in fourth place, and is also more prevalent as a top routing during the Summer months. In both directions, but especially northwards, the routing is growing in popularity, year on year.

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