As the COVID 19 crisis continues, the implications across the globe are extraordinary. Farmers in Britain have lost crops due to lockdown, Romania has now lifted restrictions to enable workers to be flown in to help keep the British supply of produce alive.

Farmers are in need of between 70,000 to 90,000 workers to help pick fruit, vegetables and salads between May and September this year.

The farming industry relies on as many as 90,000 workers to harvest fruit and vegetables, without these workers their crops will not make it to our supermarket shelves.

There has been a UK wide appeal ‘feed the nation’ however, the demand has not been so far sufficiently met by the UK, and some farmers are resorting to alternative options to save their harvests.

We have recently flown farm workers from Romania to the UK to help save crops, farmers are contacting us daily to understand the availability of aircraft to deliver skills and up train novices on farms in Britain.

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