Flying on a private jet has commonly been linked with the Millionaires, large executives of companies, governments & royal families. However flying in a private jet may be more affordable than you thought, this brief article takes a look how.

International travel, back in the olden days was something only the wealthy could afford to do. This is quite the contrast from today’s market, low cost airliners have made travel accessible to all. At 48% they dominating the industry in the UK with traditional flag carriers receiving the other 42%. However the growth of business & charter flights has increased in recent years now boasting almost 9% or the market share. So what has contributed to this growth?

Charter brokers play a large role in this development.
With the advancement in technology, gone are the monopoly days where clients had their own personal broker’s who would have a number of aircraft operators in their contact list, from which they would source a quote and pass it back to their client with a high commission.
Brokers today have online platforms with access to thousands of aircraft operators, customers can make a request  which is received by multiple brokers & in tern aircraft operators, who then compete with one another on the same request to win the trip. Overall the result is lower prices from operators and lower commission rates from brokers. This means the business aviation world is now becoming saturated with operators and brokers in competition and the business models are also diversifying. Individual charter requests, seat sharing, jet card programmes & part ownership programmes are the main types available. In essence this once elite method of travel is now becoming more than a dream for a large number of people. Save time, travel in style when you want where you want, you’ll soon understand why, once you’ve flown privately you don’t want to travel commercially again.

Empty Legs are a great way to get discounted rates and are between 50-70% of the original charter price, however you must be fully flexible with your dates and look for popular travel routes. An example of an empty leg; is when an operator has a confirmed flight from: Paris to London, but the aircraft is currently in Barcelona, the sector where the aircraft positions from Barcelona to Paris would be flown empty, this the discounted leg. Empty legs prices depend on the aircraft type, current position & changes to the original itinerary. If you can be flexible and confirm one week or even less before travelling then you have the greatest chance of making some serious savings and travelling privately. See below for popular empty legs this month, if you are interested in confirming an empty leg or want to see if instantly how much it cost then visit our instant price tool here: or contact us 24/7 onl: 020 7060 9320

Popular Empty Leg Pairs this month

London – Paris

Paris – London

London – Geneva

Geneva – Edinburgh

London – Sion

London –  Los Angeles

London – New York