So many people are chasing their approach to travel and life in general throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Some people are postponing or cancelling trips, some are changing routine totally and some are just disinfecting their airplane seats. Then some are turning to private jets to avoid unnecessary exposure.

While inquirers were initially focused on evacuating affected areas, the increase in demand can be seen around the world as cautious travellers seek ways to avoid commercial airport terminals and pressurised aircraft cabins and cover for cancelled flights.

It is not just the rich and famous that are looking to protect themselves by flying private. With a rise of chartered jets taking to the skies, everyday travelers can also expect more empty-leg special deals. These are heavily discounted flights when a jet operator needs to reposition aircraft for a paying customer. They are often offered on short notice and on limited routes, but can save you serious cash.

It is expected demand will continue to grow as the situation remains unsettled across the globe, we are committed to meeting all private jet requests.

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