The private aviation industry has criticised a Labour-backed proposal to impose a fully-fledged ban on private jets in the UK as soon as 2025 as making “little sense”.

Andy McDonald yesterday supported a case scenario by left-leaning thinktank Common Wealth which said private planes using fossil fuels should be banned in six years. The statement said that, on average, a European private jet journey generates “10 times as much greenhouse gasses” as the equivalent flight on an economy class plane. It added this figure rose to “roughly 150 times” more than a high-speed train.

It is believed that such a ban would spark research into developing clean electric aircraft. McDonald said: “This report makes a very convincing argument.”

The biggest argument here is that the we are allowing billionaires to ruin the climate when it is the rest of us that will suffer the consequences.

But the European Business Aviation Association said that although the sector needed to become more sustainable, interestingly business aviation makes up just two per cent of aviation’s carbon emissions.

As a result, “outright banning private jets in the UK as suggested … would do little to curb climate change,” the trade group said.

“Furthermore air traffic is an international business, meaning unilateral, isolated solutions make little sense.”