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Coronavirus And Service Cuts By Big Airlines Are Inflating Demand

The world manufacturers of private jets delivered more planes last year than in any year since 2009, the past 12 months saw growth of over 15% on 2018 sales. Growing concerns around the world on the spread of the coronavirus and the resulting reduction of international airline service in some big markets like China are combining […]

Private Jet to escape coronavirus outbreak

Large corporations and privileged individuals are chartering private jets for “evacuation flights” our of Coronavirus outbreak countries. Families are choosing to charter private jets to reduce the risk of exposing families and loves ones to the virus at commercial airports and on busy flights. In most cases passengers are choosing to fly by private aviation […]

Private jet destinations this Easter

Take advantage of the Easter holiday period and enjoy time away via Private Jet. While most are flying off to traditional sunshine holidays, we can offer you more bespoke travel experiences via private jet. Easter is the perfect time to take advantage of exclusive travel around the world. New York is one our favourite destinations […]

Europe’s Top Sporting Events by Private Jet

Wimbledon, June – Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious events on the British calendar, the nearest private jet airport is RAF Northolt Tour de France, July – The most famous cycling event in the world takes place across three weeks and 3,500 km in France. The hot tickets are, of course, to witness the yellow […]

The preferred air ambulance company

Flightserve is a highly dedicated, experienced and reliable air ambulance company. Offering a service with exceptional client handling, fully licensing and insurance for your piece of mind. We provide air ambulance services with access to a large fleet of fixed-wing dedicated air ambulance aircraft that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and medical staff. […]

Labour’s private jet ban plan makes ‘little sense,’ says industry

The private aviation industry has criticised a Labour-backed proposal to impose a fully-fledged ban on private jets in the UK as soon as 2025 as making “little sense”. Andy McDonald yesterday supported a case scenario by left-leaning thinktank Common Wealth which said private planes using fossil fuels should be banned in six years. The statement said […]

Private Jet Holiday Inspiration

When it comes to travel there’s luxury, and then there’s ultra-luxury and all-inclusive private jet travel is definitely the latter category. Northern Lights, take advantage of a Christmas-themed escape in a magical winter escape. Taking flight on this 14 day excursion is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Depart from London, travellers you will […]

Air Ambulance

You and your family have enough to worry about, that’s why we arrange every detail involved with transportation. Our crews will not leave a patient’s side starting from initial pick-up to the safe transportation to your facility destination. When you call us, our case managers work with operators to quickly coordinate the best options for […]

Medical Repatriation & Air Ambulance Services.

Medical Repatriation & Air Ambulance Services Air Ambulance Services available 24/7 to fly across the country and around the globe. The goal of Flightserve is to treat every patient as we would our own family, you can feel confident our team have over 20 years experience in medical repatriation. Rest assured, with one phone call, […]

Owning a private jet is not for mere millionaires

It has been reported Bezos’ Gulfstream G650ER jet cost around $65 million. Mark Cuban, meanwhile, owns no fewer than three private jets; in 1999, his $40 million purchase of a Gulfstream V jet put him in the Guinness Book of World Records for the single largest internet transaction. The costs amount from not only having […]

Background and Experience when hiring a Private Jet Charter

Chartering a jet may seem easy with brokers advising it is as easy the click of a button. Here are a few things to look for and ask when choosing the best broker and operator: Is the broker a FAA-certificated charter operator? What experience does the operator have? How long has the operator been operating […]

The World’s Largest Private Jet

Gulfstream has unveiled the G700, its latest release flagship private jet, which the company states is now the biggest plane in the private jet industry. Following 14,000 hours of lab tests, the jet can operate on short, weight-restricted, and high-altitude airport runways. The G700 has the tallest, widest, and longest cabin in the industry, according […]