Despite the current pandemic, individuals with budgets are planning adventures and holidays before the year ends.

Travel currently feels like a distant dream, holiday plans have been cancelled and financial insecurity looms, for some booking a holiday right now feels like too much risk.

Travel companies are trying to persuade customers to postpone and rebook for a later date rather than cancel travel complete. Most airlines are offering vouchers or later dates rather than a refund. Qatar airways is even going a step further and offering a 10 per cent discount to travellers’ ticket prices.

According to travel experts, customers with financial stability are planning trips despite the lock down, they are planning to travel later in the year.

Some customers with more of a financial buffer are still making plans for their next trip for as soon as they can – and some, controversially, have even fled their homes in crowded cities to spend a luxurious lockdown somewhere secluded.

It is expected that secluded islands in the Pacific, Svalbard and Antartica will become very popular post pandemic. People are expected to want to experience less popular, remote environments as opposed to over populated regions.

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