Time Flies, Spend It Wisely

Private Charter

Flightserve is a trusted, leading global booking service for private charter flights. We revolutionised private jet charter booking when we expanded our medical air ambulance operation to offer safe, secure, discrete flights in the private sector.

With 7,000 aircraft in one global network, a live pricing platform, infinite routes worldwide, airports and security to negotiate, and safety records to evaluate; we know that time matters, we help you spend it wisely.




The Flightserve Offer

  • Instant private jet charter estimate prices online
  • Compare & book best private aircraft and price for any global flight
  • Highly skilled, experienced team of aviation specialists available 24/7
  • Access to a global fleet of over 7,000 aircraft in one global network
  • Infinite routes worldwide

How Flightserve Make Booking Private Jets Easier

We combine innovative technology with a passionate team of highly-experienced aviation experts. Our technology is integrated with thousands of accredited aircraft around the world. When you submit your flight request, aircraft operators will quote competitively on your request through our exclusive online marketplace. We ensure you will be given the best options, at the best prices, for every flight.