Earlier this month, Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip boarded a private aircraft at RAF Northolt to travel to Aberdeen, onwards to Balmoral, for an annual vacation.

It is not just the queen and celebrities that are now travelling by private jet, we have experienced a surge in requests for those that are looking for safety, convenience and flexibility during this time.

The number of people who have both looked at and booked a private plane in the last few months has rocketed, mainly driven somewhat by rather ordinary, but still relatively well-off passengers.

The travel industry has been hit extremely hard in the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve seen airlines struggle, frustrated people having to wait a long amount of time for refunds and quarantine rules in and out of the country change overnight.

For example, last weekend when it was revealed France was being put back on the Foreign Commonwealth Office list, there was a stampede from those trying to get home to beat the cut-off point.

But nonetheless, some are still planning foreign jaunts, with some countries still off the list – and some that could be removed, depending on infection rates at certain destinations.

Many are looking to book to avoid the masses and the heightened chances of getting coronavirus by being around too many people, and they may think a private plane might be the answer.

The surge in demand has been primarily from leisure travellers and critical business flights, when Zoom just won’t suffice. The most popular cities it has received enquiries for in recent months are Nice, Faro and Mykonos, in France, Portugal and Greece respectively.

Prior to travel restrictions in Spain, it also had a number of bookings for Spanish locations, with Ibiza proving particularly popular.

Trends are also driven by quarantines – so, with France, Malta and the Netherlands added to the quarantine list last week, Croatia emerged this week as the number one choice for those looking to fly privately.

However, that has now also entered the quarantine list, so it is likely that Portugal – now off the list – will likely become the new number one.

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