If a luxurious getaway in a private jet is your thing, take a look at these incredible getaways. We have chosen some of the most popular European hotspots to fly by private charter within a couple of hours from London.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma hosts an extraordinary array of galleries, restaurants, craft studios and bars – it’s without doubt Mallorca’s greatest treasure. Wander in any direction from the awe-inspiring Gothic Cathedral at its geographic and historical heart and you’ll find bent medieval streets lined with aristocratic townhouses, looming baroque churches, teeming public squares, vibrant bohemian neighbourhoods and markets overflowing with all the bounty of the island. You could spend weeks in this city alone, and still uncover fresh joys every day.


There has been an increase in interest of more than double the number of  private flights to Mykonos in the past two years. We encourage all interested to book early, this destination has become so popular that the island’s airport is forced to turn away private jets at peak times, and holidaymakers are having to make the last leg of their journey by helicopter from Athens.


This beautiful city has It has gone from being host to secret beach parties, discotheques, nightclubs, and after-parties, to hosting big names in pop music every summer.


Interest in private flights to this volcanic Greek island paradise has drastically risen in the past 18 months, but it is proving as tricky to get to by private flight as Mykonos during peak times. We certainly advise booking early, Flightserve has fantastic relationships with most private airports and we endeavour to accommodate all requests but booking early always helps.