When it comes to travel there’s luxury, and then there’s ultra-luxury and all-inclusive private jet travel is definitely the latter category.

Northern Lights, take advantage of a Christmas-themed escape in a magical winter escape. Taking flight on this 14 day excursion is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Depart from London, travellers you will head east on the hunt of the magical glow of the Northern Lights in the skies of Iceland and Finland. Following this, enjoy a memorable trip to Christmas markets in Copenhagen and Vienna, followed by a visit to the winery streets of Paris, before returning back to London City where more winter wonders await.

If one of your desires is to visit every continent, this once in a lifetime trip allows you to achieve it all in one shot during this 28-day trip. Jet set from Miami and get ready to uncover the world from Egypt’s ancient Pyramids to the impressive moꞌai on Easter Island. You’ll also touch down in Oman where you’ll find out more about nomadic traditions. South America’s Chile is a fantastic stop for foodies and island seekers will enjoy tours of Langkawi and Fiji. Melbourne represents for Australia and the ethereal landscapes of Antarctica beautifully complete this all continent excursion.

If animals are your passion, get set for twenty days of jet-setting around the world on the heels of the most magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. See gorillas in Rwanda, track tigers in India or fawn over lemurs in Madagascar. Dolphins will be on the watch-list in Hawaii and Palau will delight divers with its amazing marine life. Next, stop is China where you’ll close to some of the world’s most magnificent creatures, giant pandas. A final fling in South Africa will give travellers the change to spot the classic safari big five.

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