Situated on the French Riviera, Nice has everything you require for a great getaway – stunning beaches, sensational bars and restaurants, amazing views, and wonderful culture.

Here are some of our top reasons to visit:

Stroll Along All 7 Miles of the Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade des Anglais is one of the most iconic roads in the country, starting at the airport in the west and continuing all the way around the Baie des Anges to the headland in the east, by the castle. It was the brainchild of English expats in the 19th century, who wanted a promenade and thought it would be a good idea to offer work to all the beggars in the city after a particularly harsh winter. It is full of bars and restaurants, beach clubs and ice-cream stalls.

Celebrate Nice’s Long History with Jazz

Jazz arrived in Nice in the 1920s, along with American expats who made Nice their home. There are lots of Jazz clubs in Nice, an amazing Jazz festival in July or you can visit the two places that are synonymous with the period – the Hotel Belles Rives, where Fitzgerald wrote or the Hotel du Cap, which he used as inspiration for his classic novel Tender is the Night.

Lounge in Style on the Beach

Nice has a wonderful selection of public and private beaches. Either head to the public beaches of La Réserve, Coco Beach or Villefranche-sur-Mer along the coast. If you want to lounge around in style, however, head to one of the private beaches where you can order your drink of choice while you recline on a wonderful sun lounger close to the beach. People love the chic Castel Beach or Ruhl Beach, which is great for families.

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