With Flightserve customers have instant access to a full array of private jets, to fly you around with as little as 24 hours notice.

It sure beats flying commercial, and you can say goodbye to private jet ownership, and fractional ownership — and the headaches that can sometimes come with it (along with the huge price tag).

Flightserve private charter provides a wealth of advantages, here’s some top trip inspiration:

  • Flying back from business trips in time to make kids’ games, dance recitals and activities
  • Enjoying a quick ski weekend with the family and bringing along all your ski gear
  • Transporting your family children, and teammates, to a weekend sports tournament
  • Flying grandparents out safely and comfortably to spend time with grandkids
  • Having dinner and seeing a show… in another city
  • Embarking on same-day fishing, hunting and golf trips in remote areas
  • Celebrating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries all weekend
  • Traveling to a second home
  • Having fun at college Game Day at your alma maters
  • Attending parents’ weekend at kids’ summer camp
  • Getting where you need to go quickly and safely when unexpected events arise

One of the best benefits is that allows members to leave for a trip on Friday afternoon or evening — and return Monday morning, offering more time away, without any hassles.

Business needs are the most popular private charter requests including flying to make factory and office visits in remote areas, entertaining clients, going on due-diligence tours and executive retreats, getting to board meetings, or attending investment roadshows.

Through Flightserve partner business Absolute travel passengers receive access to a highly personalised travel experience team, end-to-end itinerary planning and consulting, on-ground support, and expert knowledge of the best experiences and properties around the world. Requests can include, but are certainly not limited to: Restaurant reservations; hotel bookings, nightclubs, Broadway shows, sporting events, concerts, tours and personal shopping.