Besides the free-flowing bottles of champagne and the luxurious interiors, travelling by private jet can take you to places that would have been otherwise impossible. Not only that, but private aviation gives passengers the chance to travel fuss-free to exclusive resorts, remote islands and obscure destinations. All in a fraction of the time of commercial air travel.

In a period where air travel is somewhat disrupted, we thought we’d provide some much-needed travel inspiration for when this is all over. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best destinations in the world to reach via private jet.


Normans Cay, the Bahamas.

210 miles off the Florida coast lies Normans Cay in the Bahamas. Once the tropical hideaway for the Medellin cartel, Normans Cay is the ultimate destination for an exclusive getaway. Grab your snorkel and head to see Pablo Escobar’s Sunken Plane. If land activities are more your thing, the island also boasts a beautiful beach known as Saddle Cay, perfect for coastal walks and sunbathing. By no means is this an island that’s jam-packed full of attractions and tourist spots, but that’s why people love it. This is the ultimate destination for a secluded getaway filled with relaxation and tranquility.

Faroe Islands

This enticing archipelago of 18 volcanic islands is the latest destination to take the travel world by storm. Known for its amazing festival scene and rocky coastlines, this is an Instagrammer’s paradise. Don’t worry, it isn’t busy. The 18 Faroe Islands have a combined total of around 50,000 people, much less than its Nordic neighbours in Sweden and Norway. That means you’ll have all the space you need to get out and explore the dramatic landscapes that these islands have to offer you. We recommend getting ahead of the curve to take advantage of these vastly undiscovered areas before somebody else does!

St Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz is probably the most glamorous of options featured in today’s blog. That’s why you’re more likely to find glitz and fancy après-ski as opposed to hiking trails and music festivals. Not only that, but the Alpine resort blends glamour, lifestyle and sport in a way which should capture the attention of anyone. Despite the cosmopolitan hot spot attracting huge numbers of visitors each year, it can be difficult to reach without a private charter. That’s what makes reaching St Moritz via private jet all the more enjoyable. Instead of flying to Zurich and then travelling three hours, you can simply fly into Samedan airport with only 15 minutes to reach the town. Not only that, but the airport is known to have impressive views of the Swiss Alps on your way in. Win-win right?

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