As airports become more crowded and flight delays more frequent, the world’s wealthiest are increasingly turning to private jets as their travel method of choice. Private jets can depart and arrive from ten times as many airports in Europe than scheduled airlines. A significant benefit of using private aviation is being able to use smaller, local airports which reduces ground transfers, and any direct routing is possible. There’s no wonder the ultra-wealthy opt for private aviation. Here are some of the most popular destinations to travel to via private jet.

Apia, Samoa This idyllic island, known as “the heart of Polynesia,” is one of the few places where Polynesian culture remains little changed from ancient times. Here, you’ll find a deep reverence for hospitality, tradition, and community (known as fa’a Samoa, or “the Samoan way”).

Malta  The tiny Mediterranean island-state is home to perfect weather, stunning architecture, and a booming real estate market.

Phillipines  The Philippines is a cluster of islands in the Western Pacific that is an excellent destination for divers and beach lovers. This place see thousands of private jet arrivals. With such natural beauty, who can blame them?

Easter Island, Chile Located 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile lies Easter Island. Questions still linger about this isolated island’s ancient Polynesian society and the mysterious moai—colossal stone statues—that they left behind. Discover the ancient ruins and be amazed by the island’s intriguing Birdman cult.

Mykonos With almost 2000 private jet arrivals last year, Mykonos has become the place to be for private jet travellers across the globe. It has become one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands and is known for its nightlife, food and drink.

San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for nightlife, thanks to its restaurants, casinos, and clubs. Get amongst the local culture and party the night away!

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