As time goes by we are starting to see lifts in travel restrictions to many paradise islands, especially for those South Florida-based travellers, strategically placed just an hour away from the Caribbean.

Comprised of 28 nations, the region’s destination with the highest private aviation demand from South Florida is The Bahamas. The country accounts for most of private flights departing from South Florida towards the Caribbean.

The Bahamas has arguably the best infrastructure in the region to pair with the needs of the private flight market, The proximity to The Bahamas from Miami also helps to drive demand, nevertheless, private air clients want full comfort throughout the experience; whether that comes from more private air terminal options or being able to charter any aircraft to land at destination.

The private aviation experience is usually connected with jet planes and, although the quickest option, a turboprop aircraft is more efficient for shorter routes thanks to design and overall operational costs. Especially for trips of under two hours we can certainly offer quotes on both options.

Overall, the Caribbean offers the exclusivity that many travellers seek while providing the first-rate holiday all visitors deserve. The current lack of commercial aviation options allows private aviation to thrive.

Top private jet airports in the region:

Lynden Pindling International Airport, Nassau, The Bahamas: is the busiest business airport in the region with over 4,000 flights annually, largely thanks to the proximity to South Florida.

V. C. Bird International, Antigua and Barbuda: is the only airport on the island of Antigua and has a solar power plant that provides almost enough energy to power the entire operation.

This destination, with exclusive retreats and luxury resorts, offers an ideal location immensely popular with private jet travellers.

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, San Juan, Puerto Rico: is one of the busiest terminals in the Caribbean for airline flights and private jet charter operations. It is a popular gateway between the Caribbean and US, while also served by various big-name airlines around the globe.

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten: is famous for offering one of the world’s most stunning landings, with aircraft coming in low over the beach. The airport serves an important hub in the Caribbean, connecting commercial flights and those in larger private aircraft, with smaller planes headed towards more remote islands.

You can check a timeline of the Caribbean islands reopening for tourism this summer here.