As company executives and business travellers curtail their travel, we are seeing a huge increase in traffic. We have seen a rise in people no longer wishing to travel on a commercial flight.

Commercial air travel has obviously plummeted throughout the pandemic, and the interest in private jet services is surging, particularly with those individuals who have never previously taken a private jet flight.

For many years, private jet services have met the needs of corporate executives, the rich and famous and the wealthy who have paid fees for the privacy and security. Now, those same operators are shifting to meet the rising demand from people worried about getting on a commercial flight.

Five weeks ago private jet demand had fallen to 25% of what it was in the same period last year. However, recent research shows they are now at 60% of pre-covid levels which highlights that people who access private travel are starting to get back out there.

The pandemic caused a huge surge in flights with individuals moving East to West initially. Then as the pandemic shifted, it was the West moving East.

Now, as executives curtail their business travel during the pandemic, new wealthy flyers and existing customers are driving a private aviation boom. In some cases, they are actually flying and in others, they are stocking up on private flight hours. The desire is akin to hoarding toilet paper and flour at the start of the pandemic: The extra allotment provides peace of mind, even if it is never used.

Previously there was a high percentage of people who had the wealth to fly private but never bought into the pitch of business efficiency. Wealthy people are now thinking less about the cost of flying privately then about the safety of flying commercially.

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