Sadly right now you are probably not on board a private jet 20,000 feet above the ground. Did you know with a private jet you only need to get to the airport 20 minutes before departure, a driver will have collected you and driven you straight to one of London’s more accessible airports.

Monaco Private jets are very commonly seen at Monte Carlo like wasps to a family picnic. So much so that Cannes Mandelieu airfield handles helicopter transfers to the principality with the ultimate in speed and luxury.

Ibiza wether you fancy a family holiday or the time of your life on the party island, either way there is only one way to arrive in luxury – a private jet by Flightserve International. The island abounds in fun, not least dinner at Sublimotion, the underwater Michelin-star restaurant.

Hamptons The long island destination represents the epicentre of the US, and so global it is elite. And it is the natural direction to point your private jet.

Babados is a tropical paradise in the eastern Caribbean. Despite the island’s popularity as a cruise ship port, Business Insider previously reported that the State Department advises Americans to avoid Crab Hill, St. Lucy; Ivy, St. Michael; and Nelson Street, Bridgetown due to high levels of crime.

Geneva Whether you’re heading there just to check in with your private banker, or to head to the alps skiing, Geneva’s the place. Known as the home of ‘old money’, compared with nouveau Zurich, it’s also the ideal staging post for a week spent whisking down white powder slopes come the winter. And if you’ve ever been forced by skinflint parents to pass through customs wearing full ski-getup, including boots, in order to save weight for the easyJet (just me?), then you’ll never look back when it comes to private jetting it.

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