Thousands of residents from the UK are currently stranded in India after the country went into lockdown following the Coronavirus outbreak, they are to be flown home on charter flights that will start to fly next week.

The Delhi high commissioner made the late-night announcement on social media following days of delays and ongoing criticism that the British Government are not doing enough to get people out of a country where restrictions have triggered severe food shortages and been enforced with police brutality.

Details are still being finalised with the Indian government and airlines, however next week the flights should start to get everyone home immediately.

India has been one of the top priorities for the governments £75 million coronavirus rescue operation announced by the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab on Monday.

The British ambassador in Kathmandu has also confirmed that there will be flights next week from Nepal, where an estimated 700 Britons are stranded.

There was also anger in Pakistan where stranded Britons are being encouraged to buy seats for about £1,000 on the dwindling number of commercial flights leaving the country.