We are noticing an increase in private jet charter demand from the coronavirus crisis, as new customers who had not previously flown private are now looking to use private jet charter to avoid the crowds involved in commercial flights.

While commercial traffic is running about 15% to 17% of last year’s totals, private flights are running at up to 70% or more of normal, according to industry data.

The growth is being driven almost entirely by new customers drawn to flying private because of health concerns and lower jet prices.

Business travel remains almost non existent, however personal travel by wealthy individuals, many of them of the older generation have more than recovered the industry decline. We have noticed that many families who can afford to fly privately have chosen to spend extra money to keep safe, visit family, friends and escape the pandemic.

We are noticing the majority of traffic is due to individuals wishing to visit distant loved ones, moving between holiday homes and looking to escape the crisis.

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