Here are just some of the reasons why flying on a private jet is safer than on a commercial flight. The luxury of private jet flying is typically associated with the rich and famous, but its benefits now include health and safety. We are seeing a increase in the number of users turning to private jet charter due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the world slowly starts to return to travel and takes flight in the skies commercial aircraft are becoming increasingly crowded. With safety becoming paramount in the pandemic-stricken world and safety becoming a highly sought-after commodity for the ultra-wealthy, private jet companies are predicting a boom in their industry and are taking measure in preparation for an influx of new flyers. Most of these flyers have been able to afford to charter private aircraft but couldn’t justify the cost before now.

Perhaps the simplest benefit of using private aircraft is for the use of smaller executive terminals. These terminals are typically less congested as private flyers typically board their aircraft as soon as they arrive, reducing the risk of proximity spread from other passengers.

Unlike the commercial jets the manifest for private jet charter flights is set by the lead passenger at the point of paying for the flight, therefore the passengers on board have total control of whom else they share the plane with.

Commercial travellers are restricted to the route networks of the airlines they fly while private aircraft can use nearly any public-use airport in the country if the runway is long enough and there’s fuel.

This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits as passengers can avoid waiting in crowded lines, touching security bins, and walking barefoot through a scanner.

Instead of emptying out into a large international arrival’s hall, the process for clearing customs in most countries when flying private is a lot easier.

Border agents typically will either board the plane to inspect documents or escort passengers into a private office while they answer questions and have documents checked.

Passengers do not have to check-in for their flights in the terminal or check their bags with airport staff. Pilots need only check the identification of passengers to ensure they match the manifest and that is all that is required.

The sum of these benefits is a shorter journey with less exposure to potential pathogens and germs. Passengers can drive up to the aircraft from the safety of their vehicle, board the aircraft, fly nonstop to nearly anywhere in the world, get picked up air side, and go directly to their destination.

Overall, the amount of touch points is reduced when flying which significantly lowers the risk of exposure to germs.

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