Travelling private can create time and cut costs. Imagine you’re close to pulling off the perfect business deal when the clock reminds you that it’s nearly time to catch your flight home! This means you rush your decisions, and you’re less likely to get the deal you want! This just wouldn’t happen to you if you are travelling via private jet as time is always on your side. Travelling private allows things to be on your time! This makes things easy, convenient and much less stressful. For example, take-off and landing times can be rescheduled at short notice, meaning the flexibility available to travellers is maximised.

Not only does it make your business life easier, but it’s also healthier too. Given the current pandemic, travelling private avoids the busy queues and areas where the risk of infection is higher. The whole airport experience becomes is easier. It provides enhanced privacy, making airport procedures fast and stress-free! For example, boarding procedures lasts just 15 minutes from arrival to take off.

Commercial airlines treat their customers as mini-ATMs, up selling and charging them to disrupt their plans at such short notice. Airlines routinely overbook flights only to inform their passenger that they will have to take a later flight with no recourse. There was even an occasion where a passenger was forced to deplane, being dragged off by law enforcement officers and suffering injury in the process!

The sights, sounds, and smells of a commercial airline cabin are also off putting for the most part. By flying via private jet, you can leave the cramped quarters, noisy children, bad food and loud snorers behind you.

When you fly private, your experience will be totally different. Private planes offer spacious and luxurious cabins, modern decor, attentive and caring staff, and catered meals and drinks of your choosing. This means that, regardless of the reason you’re travelling, you’re likely to be relaxed and enjoy the flight.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of travelling private is the ability to bring the comforts of home along for your flight. You can choose to charter a jet that has bedrooms and showers, meaning you have your very own home in the sky.